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Membership coming soon

Stay tuned as we are working to launch DMD memberships as soon as possible. In addition to a much larger base of design samples we have many extended feature sets in the works!

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About Design Meltdown

Design Meltdown was originally founded in 2006 during the great CSS gallery boom. Over the years the site has taken on several forms, including being dormant for the last 3 years or so.

Although DMD has been at rest, I (Patrick McNeil), have been hard at work obsessing over web design. During the last 6 years I have published 6 books on the topic. My love for the topic is anything but gone.

In this reincarnation of DMD I seek two main goals. First, to get back to the roots of DMD and publish epic amounts of beautiful work. Second, to embrace the user via a user-centered design methodology that packs the most value as possible into the site. I have the better part of 8 years experience in producing this type of content and I have some really exciting tricks up my sleeve. Stay tuned!

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No offense, but you sure have a tiny screen!

We recommend that you increase your browser size for the best browsing experience. The new Design Meltdown has been optimized for big screens. In fact, the bigger the better! Go ahead, try it maximized on a 30" monitor, I dare you not to love it.

Based on extensive user research only a teeny tiny number of people browse this type of content on mobile devices (or even tablets). This is further supported by the analytics on the site. So before you bemoan the approach, at least know it is intentional and based on actual usage.