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Site Types

Activism Alcohol App site Architect Blog Book site CMS Coming soon Creative agency Development agency Digital Product E-commerce Event Fashion Font showcase Hotel Infographic Interactive Agency Movie Music Industry Non-designer portfolio Personal Personal Portal Photography Portfolio Product Promotional Restaurant Software Sports University Web plugins Web service

Navigation & Layouts

Anchored navigation Atypical layout Atypical navigation Bands of content Full screen navigation Horizontal scrolling Navigation One page Sidebar navigation Single column Single screen filler Symmetrical

Design Elements

Background foreground photo Background photo Background video Badge Blurred background Border Buttons Boxes Buttons Call to action Circles Clouds Content slider Edge treatments Email sign up Forms Geometric shapes Gradients Icons Illustration Image slider Invitation to scroll Navicon on the desktop Page border Paper Patterns Pixel art Ribbon Slide out panels Splash screen Stripes Texture Thin lines Transparency Wood Workspace collage photo

Design Styles

19th century Distressed Elegant Faux Vintage Flat Hipster Minimal Nature theme Ocean theme Photographic Retro Sketchy Space theme Super clean Typographic


Decorative type Hand drawn type Mixed type Sans serif type Scripts Serif type Slab serif



Black Blue Bluegreen Brown Gold Gray Green Orange Pink Purple Red White Yellow

Color Families

Black and white Bright Earth tones Faded colors Grayscale Monotone Muted Pastel Rainbow of colors Vintage color

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About Design Meltdown

Design Meltdown was originally founded in 2006 during the great CSS gallery boom. Over the years the site has taken on several forms, including being dormant for the last 3 years or so.

Although DMD has been at rest, I (Patrick McNeil), have been hard at work obsessing over web design. During the last 6 years I have published 6 books on the topic. My love for the topic is anything but gone.

In this reincarnation of DMD I seek two main goals. First, to get back to the roots of DMD and publish epic amounts of beautiful work. Second, to embrace the user via a user-centered design methodology that packs the most value as possible into the site. I have the better part of 8 years experience in producing this type of content and I have some really exciting tricks up my sleeve. Stay tuned!

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