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Got Wood? Part 4

4th edition — by Patrick McNeil — Dec. 14, 2007


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The Design Element

This is one of those topics that just never gets old for me. There is something about the organic and friendly feel of these wood based designs that makes me want to linger on these designs. Perhaps it is the warm and welcoming mood created by the wood, or even the anti technology feel they create. What ever it is this style is a beautiful and appeal design approach.

Two samples in particular stand out to me. First the Chama Digital site. This sites design is clearly based on wood and demonstrates an interesting side to the style. Instead of a dead or drift wood style, the wood used in this design looks alive. Sure this defies logic as the tree would have to be dead, but none the less, the nicely saturated browns (almost red actually) combined with the green text make for a super natural and alive design. The thin text gets a bit hard to read but overall the design really works.

The second one I like is in rather stark contrast to the previous sample. The Prime Cut Studio site has a totally different aesthetic based on the use of wood. Here the wood has been desaturated of all color and has almost a drift wood feel to it. Instead of the warm and welcoming style of the Chama Digital site we find that the site has a designer feel to it. When combined with the ornaments and ornate title the site puts off a very different vibe. The former site was more of an alive and active aesthetic while this one brings out more of a restrained fashionable sense. Interesting how we can read into the people behind a site based on such a simple element isn't it? Just serves to show that you have to think things through. Your saying something about yourself with every design decisions you make.


Sample Usage



Mayang Textures - Flat Wood (free)
Mayang Textures - Manufactured Wooden Items (free)
Morgue File (free) (dirt cheap)
Higgins, The House Painter (free)
Free repeating wood patterns (free)



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