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Ultra Pop

1st edition — by Patrick McNeil — May. 5, 2006


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The Design Element

I call this grouping of sites Ultra Pop because the colors used quite literally pop out of the page. When I was previewing them on the Daily Slurp I had a bit of a larger thumbnail to look at, it seemed like my monitor was glowing, I don't think the thumbs below show this quite as well. I have been really looking forward to this article. Not so much because I have anything spectacular to say, but because I really love the sample sites.

I am fond of this group I think because the idea of using these ultra saturated colors embodies what the new internet is all about. They are fresh and fun colors, that evoke friendliness and ease of use. So many new little apps are coming out and many of them are treated with this fresh color style. The web is moving away from things that look like programmers built them and more towards mainstream easy to use well designed applications. The psychology of the colors used couldn't play into this more.

I consider myself a very technical person and having recently setup a home stereo receiver this is fresh on my mind. Just looking at the front of the big black unit was daunting, all these tiny little buttons with cryptic meanings. I knew it did all sorts of stuff but figured it would take some learning. My wife won't even bother to look at it, it appears hopeless to her. I am not suggesting that Sony should start making their stuff bright red, but I think it illustrates the issue. Clearly I am not going to give up on my stereo, I bought it. But, I haven't bought your web site yet, and if it looks and feels easy to consume, I just might hang around long enough to find out.

This isn't for everyone and it won't work in all situations, but there are strong connotations and power in the colors you choose. Choose them wisely.

A few connotations of ultra pop : Fun, fresh, new, young, hip, easy, simple, exciting, happy, and cheerful.


Sample Usage



Genopal (Color pallet creation software)

COLOURlovers (Excellent color pallet collections)

Kuler - pallet builder from Adobe / (The best tool I have found for easily creating beautiful color pallets)
Great color browsing resource (Named colors, by hue, etc)
Color Scheme Generator
Color Blender (On MeyerWeb)
Color In Motion
Color Schemer Online v2
Color Schemer Gallery
Color Symbolism




5/5/2006 8:46:09 AM

Thanks for the mention. :) When I redesigned recently, I was after something fresh and fun and bold and, well, juicy.


5/5/2006 11:21:44 AM

This is the nicest collection of samples yet!
Love this site by the way.

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